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Plattsburg Community Christmas Committee

Community events and activities are done so well in Plattsburg because of all the planning done by many different organizations and people.

Plattsburg Community Christmas Committee (PCCC) was formed to have a public not-for-profit organization to plan and add Christmas activities and decorations for Plattsburg.

Recap and next year thoughts meeting will be held Tuesday, December 17, 2013.
 At Platte Valley Bank, 7 PM
link to agenda on the right

PCCC has published 2nd Plattsburg Christmas Magazine.
(click on pdf version to the right)
We would like to thank advertisers in the magazine for helping to bring
 this to the community and to help with this form of advertising.

If you would like to be added to e-mail distribution use Contact Us link or
call Jeff Longwell at 816-539-3036.

We are also proud to have a Facebook Page now:


Suggestion for our committee?

We would like to hear it.  You can send us an e-mail by using Contact Us (left side of Page, select Christmas), post on our Facebook page (Plattsburg Christmas), or contact a board member (Jeff Longwell (816) 539-3036, Cindy Spellman, or Sue Hoover).  You can also attend one of our meetings (they are scheduled starting in July/August and ending late September or October). 

What is done with suggestions?
Typically if there is any history on the item it is mentioned first.  If there is a specific reason the item was decided not to be done in the past, that reason is explained.  It is possible an item to be brought up again to be discussed.  Most suggestions are great ones but main issues always come down to either money or people to do it (or both).

If an item is a major effort/event the executive board will take the idea and discuss if it is something they believe should be worked on and become part of the groups activities.  Ideas are discussed in regular meetings too and input from anyone is considered.

Our goal is if someone takes the time to give us a suggestion that we take the time to consider it and they feel like they have been heard.  

Items we are currently considering for the future:

Lights outlining top of buildings down town
This year we got estimated cost, best approach (Commercial LED C9 lights), and method of stringing.  Waiting for this years fund raiser to consider for next year.  Estimate was around $3,000 to do it "right",  less maintenance in the future, low energy costs.  This would do 2 blocks of Main and also side street buildings.

Drive through in Perkins Park
This would be a very big undertaking from having electricity available, cost of building or purchasing lights figuring's, and people to be there while open.  Lot of positive feedback on this item so keeping it as a long term goal (continue to research and work out details).

Past Items non Friday/Saturday Activities

Home & Business Decorating Contest
The Home Decorating Contest was done off/on by Chamber of Commerce where either the board would go around voting on the best houses or they would get someone out of town to vote. took over this contest by posting pictures of the homes and allowing voting online.  In addition Business decorating contest was done similar way (voting online).

Over time the business voting method has been modified to allow people to vote in the businesses (1 time a day) which overall votes carry 50% and then judges would vote which carried the other 50%.  Businesses have made a fun "competition" out of this and with a traveling plaque past winners are still recognized.  This event seems to still be poplar.

The home decorating contest took a lot of effort (to get pictures of everyone decorating in the City Limits).  Because of high level of effort needed and occur around same time of other events the home decorating contest was discontinued.

Christmas Flags on Clay Ave or Downtown
There was a lot of research put into this item.  Getting size and type of flag that would look best and estimated cost.  Considered if flags on Clay Ave would take away from any Christmas Decorations not to mention over 60 flag holders and cost of that many flags.  Issues like where the flags would be stored and who would put up (and when put up/down--all month or just during events).  With the many issues and cost it was decided to look into having them downtown.  One concern was would it take away from greenery that is put up on light post.  Another concern was if permanent hangers would be added people would want flags during other periods (and unless funding could be find empty holders may not look good).  Again who would put up and take down and storage.  In middle of this discussion the City let it be known they would like to replace decorations on Clay but was very expensive.  It was decided money set aside for the flags would go to the city to help purchase new Christmas decorations.

Large Swag of lights over Main downtown
It was researched when new lights for Clay in the process to get a large swag over Main street.  Issue was needing to tie between two buildings of similar size.  With very limited options and concern to impact of building the swag would be tied to this was decided not feasible.

Lights outlining downtown buildings
As mentioned above this item is still alive.  It was the most ask for enhancement for our group to do and also seems most feasible.  Research is to use LED C9 white bulbs and outline only top of the buildings.  Using LED will allow to stretch across 1 block going up/down over top of the buildings and down both sides of the buildings could be done with 1 string.  Estimated cost of running electricity for the block would be $5 for the season having the lights on 4 PM to Midnight.   The lights would be about 15 inches apart would be put in a plastic holder designed for such a purpose (the holder would be construction glued on concrete and process of doing this would be assisted by the Fire Department and volunteers.  Building owners would need to give permission.  It was decided to look at income from this years fund raiser to see possibility of at least doing some building for next year.

Drive through Light Display in Perkins Park
People love this idea but it is a very big item.  Besides listing items needed to do this not much more has been done at this point.   Here are some of the items listed:  Need to get Park Board and possibly Corp of Eng. ok to do drive through, would need City to clear road if it snows, electricity would be need--could do generators at first (concern of generators stolen--take out each night?) but electricity available in future would be better, cost of displays themselves (could they be built?), open every day or only 3 nights of the weekend?, having groups volunteer to take donations for drive through, would group be given part of proceeds?, cost of electricity, would it be good to find larger sponsors to help with some of the cost?, would enough people come to Plattsburg to see it (would our loop be worth it to people come out from 30 miles or farther away to see it?

  Past Items for Friday/Saturday Activities

Festival of Trees
This was added 2nd year of Christmas Celebration.  It was initially to be a fund raiser where 1/2 of proceeds would go to the committee but with Chamber of Commerce helping out each year by paying insurance it was decided after the 1st year for all proceeds to go to charity.  Started with 8 trees the 1st year, now at 12 trees and looking to increase in the future.

Night Parade
Parade was initially only during the day given lot of concerns by people of the coldness of the night.  With input of float builders wanting to have a night parade and input at a meeting it was decided to have the Night Parade to "give it a try".  Combined with the Mayor's Christmas Tree lighting (new event) first year was a good crowd but second year was a great crowd.  This has become one of the major highlights of the season.

Parade Categories and Awards
From initial start of the parade concept, it was thought the quality and number of floats in the parade would give the parade the life it needed.  From the 1st years parade it was obvious the float builders were serious and all brought their best for us to enjoy.  With an average of 8 or 9 items in each parade the overall number of entries is still little small so the search continues for float builders or groups to be part of the parade each year.  Prizes for entries started as 1st/2nd/3rd in 3 categories (each entry had to be one of the 3 categories) to what is now 9 categories where each entry is automatically considered in each.

Changes in Children Activities on Saturday
Started out with a small puppet show and Little Mr/Miss contest in Senior Center to now a full blown Light Puppet Show and Little Mr/Miss held at the Courtyard (where all activities are).  In addition, Letters to Santa was added for kids to write their letter for Santa along with a process to get child's address so Santa can write back was added.

Lines to see Santa
Nobody could of predicted that after 1st Christmas Parade that parents and children would be lined up length of the Courtyard to the stairs but that is what happened.  We have added pre-registration so parents can line up in "groups" to see Santa and can do other activities without loosing place in line.  We also added option for a group picture with Santa so families can share 1 picture instead of multiple pictures.  We continue to work in this area wanting to add e-mail or text message picture with Santa as an option.

More activities for Friday Night
The night parade has become a great success.  In 2013 Festival of Trees along with craft booths at the Courtyard will open at 5:30 - 8:30 pm.  This will give people from out of town that may come in only for the Night Parade more things to do.  This is a trial item and based upon its success may be changed in the future.

Christmas Train Rides
The Christmas Train looks nice in the parade but attempt to give rides has been a hit/miss type of thing.  Initial attempt was during the day by the City Hall but weather did not cooperate and rained most of the day.   Another year attempted at night after the parade but only a few took advantage of it.  Kids that did ride enjoyed it so seems to be more of an thing to figure out best time to give rides.



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